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As of now we do not anticipate receiving the Covid-19 vaccine


Click one of the links below to find out where you can get the Covid-19 vaccine:

Click one of the links below to find a Covid-19 test collection site near you:

Are you interested in participating in COVID-19 research studies?

There are 3 research study opportunities you may participate in. Please read the information flyers below and fill out your information with which study you are interested in, if you are interested in multiple studies please submit your information for each one separately. Your information will be submitted directly to Centex Studies and someone from Centex will contact you. We are not affiliated with Centex and have no involvement in the research other than to offer you the opportunity to participate.

Centex_COVID Vaccine_Flyer_20JUL2020ms_W
Centex_COVID Positive_Flyer_20JUL2020ms_
833743_COVID Frontline Worker Flyer_0922
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